Friday, September 25, 2009

Back from Bohol

I just arrived back from "the second greatest island in all of the Philippines" Bohol :)

I left early Wednesday and took the 2hr ferry south to the 11th largest island in the Philippines. When I arrived the usual deluge of people offering rides and tours emerged, but I knew what I wanted and got a tri-cycle ride right to the bus terminal. I went to the ATM at the mall nearby and bought some dried mango and jack fruit along with 3 liters of water. I hurried back to the bus and we began at noon. We rumbled down the sometimes gravel, sometimes cement and often rugged roads for about 2 hours before getting a flat tire. The crew had the tire changed in less than 10 minutes which was quite a relief. At the 3rd hour we arrived in Danao where I jumped on a motorbike (habal-habal style) and made my way towards E.A.T Danao. I had called them before I left Tagbilaran, right after getting off the ferry and getting their number from the motorbike driver.

I'll have to post pictures for this when I get back to Hong Kong

I reserved one room there for 600 pesos (about 12 USD). So I arrived and checked in to my room with double bed, ceiling fan, and bathroom. I placed my things down and went up to the "extreme adventure area" I decided to do the "Suislide" so they strapped me in and sent me down the cable. It was the most amazing feeling, almost exactly like flying because you can't see anything but the ground underneath you and your entire periferal vision is just the gorge and river underneath you. They send you down the first slide, which is almost 500meters then they unhook you and you walk up to another part and they hook you up and send you back. Totally amazing, the entire thing took about 5 minutes and cost about $7 US. They were trying to sell me on "The Plunge" which is a freefall and swing, which cost 700 peso, but I didn't really think it was worth it, so I went back to get my camera and got a personal tour on a short nature walk and learned about Fransico Dagohoy "the hero of Bohol." After the walk I headed back to my room and took a shower, the accomodation is pretty far away from the city so the only things going on were with the workers cleaning and preparing various things. I showered and read and then went out to order some dinner.

I ordered rice and a pork dish with fried vegtables, it was a nice meal. I also asked about how to get back to Tabilaran and as luck would have it someone from EAT Danao was driving back there in the morning. Tata had to drive back early, i.e. leaving by 6am, I took the opportunity, not know what other options were available (besides a 3hr bus ride back at who knows what time) So I finished my meal and had a early night, mostly because there was nothing else to do and no other non-workers around...

I awoke early, had a breakfast of dried mango and water and was off in the small cab of the yellow jeepney back towards Tagbilaran, the place I arrived the day before. After two hours we arrived, I was dropped off at a mall and had to wait about an hour before it opened. I got a cup of coffee and a cookie to hold me over. Once it opened I ordered some breakfast at "Jollibee" and then caught another tri-cycle ride to Hinagdanan Cave. Another wonderful place, I wandered around there for a while and then walked out to the main road in search of transportation to Alona Beach on the end of Panglao Island. After walking for maybe 20 mins another tri-cycle went by Go to fullsize image and brought me to a place James and I stayed last time we were there. 480 pesos a night. I rested/read in the room for quite a while and then emerged to walk the beautiful white sand beach for a while and then eat some grilled dinner on the beachside. After a meal of baked potato, pork, chicken, and chorizo I headed back to my room, ordered breakfast to be ready at 8am and then went to bed.

This morning I woke up and had breakfast and met my tricycle driver that brought me to Alona the day before to head back to the ferry pier in Tagbilaran. I arrived pretty early, but had a nice surprise while I was waiting. A tri of musicians benefiting the disabled persons of Bohol were playing a set of music for the crowed that waited. I read and drank more coffee and listend to an awesome version of "Tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree" and then boarded the Weesam Express back to Cebu. I arrived at about 1pm and went to SM mall watched "Surrogates" and then got a taxi to where I'm sitting now....

phew.... I guess it's good that i put this all down now (seeing how good i've done with transcribing the events of my last trip to the Philippines...It's coming I swear!)

Tomorrow is my last full day here and then it's back to the ol' HK


  1. Well Adam, sounds like you have had nice, relaxing time, enjoying the sights and eats. Thanks for sharing it with us. This week seems to have flown by for you. Have a great trip back to HK. Love-Mom

  2. Hi again-just wanted to comment on the Hinagdanan cave. That looked really cool to explore. Thanks for the links to find out more about these places. I am just in awe to think you are actually in the Philippines and Hong Kong!!! I heard Foggy Mountain Breakdown on one of Papa's CDs today and the banjo on it sounded a lot like you playing... can't wait to hear you again. I'm checking into some sheet music for Orange Blossom Special- might take ten years to learn it so maybe if I start now....Hope all is well in your travels. Let us know when you get back to HK. Thanks-- Love, Mom

  3. Hi Adam- at work today. Karen, Kristen and I are going to take a spin to see Austin today. Karen didn't seem him before he left for school. Nice day for a ride, sunny and in the 60's. Tomorrow supposed to rain all day I guess. Just wanted to let you know Sonic is improving. She had 2-3 fractures in her pelvis according to x-ray. Her swelling had gone down considerably so her pain and walking were improving a little. Things are looking up yesterday, poor ole girl. We hope your travels are good, every going smoothly. Can't wait to hear from you. We miss you- Love Mom

  4. Hello Adam- Glad your back safe and sound! Thanks for letting us know.I'm so glad you had a good week. It must have been nice to get away for a little while, rejuvenating for you. Hard to believe September is almost done. Rained all day here, a little break this afternoon but no sun. Papa and I got together tonight to play our instruments. It was fun to do that again-a nice distraction from the everyday routine. Papa bought an Epiphone Dove acoustic a few weeks back and is coming along on some chords - it's great to see. We miss you and Austin and the music, but maybe with the practicing we're doing we might be able to keep up, at least a little (lol). Thinking of you everyday- we all miss you. Love- Mom